Our Top Mission...

To unite students throughout Africa to excel as individual leaders–to focus on personal excellence while looking for opportunities to influence their communities as young leaders.


Providing educational opportunities to advance the development of children in deprived areas.

Community Service

To help foster a growing global mindset that values initiative through personal leadership, leading in relationships and teams, fostering healthy organizations, and growing vibrant communities.

Leadership Development

Supporting with the development of human potentials with resources and mentorship to master leadership skills

Entrepreneurship Development

Engaging young leaders with modern entrepreneurship tools to excel as young entrepreneurs


Engaging in research activities to promote the development of young people with the opportunity to meet their potentials.

Accountability and Transparency

Offering accountability and transparency training to deal with corruption to develop accountable leaders.

Children Education

For nearly half a decade

We have trained and worked with over 7,000 tertiary students from diverse background and countries in Africa.


Logical, spiritual and character development

…within any meaningful life arena. Health, Wellness, Progress, Excellence, Service and the quest for helping individuals fulfill the measures of their creation for the fulfillment of greater life purposes.


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How you can contribute

Donate Reading Books
Be a coach
Leadership development
Volunteer to serve
Community Service
Engage in a workshop
Entrepreneurship Development

How we deliver

Children meetings & Research

Meeting with children in deprived areas and their family to discuss what is hindering children’s progress in that community


Annual Summit

Bring students / young leaders from several institutions to learn and connect on impacting their lives and communities

Multi-Leadership Lecture Series

Organizing multi-leadership lecture series to train students in tertiary institutions in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire

After School Program

Providing After School Program to support development of Children

Support our programs

We pray and hope you support these programs to help us be of benefit to the greater part of the African community. Thank you

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