Minister of Information, speaks at YALES 2017

Hon. Mustapha Abdul-Hamid spoke on Leadership, Choices and the Philosophy

Hon. Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, Minister of Information at YALES 17

Hon. Mustapha Abdul – Hamid, the Minister for Information, and spokes person for H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, President of the republic of Ghana,  spoke on the topic Leadership, Choices and the Philosophy of winning, echoing the vision and choices of the President of the Republic of Ghana in his administration, and how young leaders can emulate and make great choices for themselves and country.

He explicitly expressed how grateful he was to be invited by the Institute of Applied Human Excellence of Ghana to speak and engage with young leaders at the summit. He mentioned that, leaders are not like other people, which connoted that leaders represented a different brand of human beings, and also stated the fact that the concept of leadership is more practical than theoretical as some books on leadership may not suppose.

Hon. Mustapha mentioned that what makes a leader unlike other people is that, leaders always go an extra mile to make certain things feasible. He further established the fact that there are five qualities that marks a leader which are:

Intelligence: pure Intelligent quotient (IQ) and Emotional intelligence
Self confidence

He expressed that, one does not necessarily need pure IQ to become a leader, hence pure IQ is not a measure of leadership, he rather emphasized that emotional intelligence is the bedrock of any successful leader, where emotional intelligence captures zeal, self –control, persistence and ability to control oneself is more critical in becoming a leader. Going on he stated that as human beings we are been governed by our emotions, and the problem here is not our emotions but the appropriateness of our emotions, he asked a question on how leaders can be accurate or appropriate with our emotion.

He further introduced the concept of polity meaning living in order in a society, and established the fact that every action taken is on the basis of choices. Moving on, he mentioned that at the heart of the choices we make is the desire to be happy, and pinpointed the fact that every choice made has a consequence and there is the avid need for us to take responsibility of the actions we take in terms of the choices we make.

Finally, he encouraged the youth to exhibit good attitude and self-integrity and above all maintain good relationships with the people around them because it is critical in becoming a leader.

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