The Chairperson


                                 Dr. Bruce H. Jackson 

                                                          (MBA/MPA, Ph.D.)

                                         Chairman – The I.A.HE Ghana


He has dedicated his career to developing individuals, teams, organizations, and communities to maximize their influence, leadership, and change. Throughout, He has worked with Fortune 500 companies on developing and implementing principles of performance, leadership, and change for all levels of employees, including well-established executives. As a consultant, coach, writer, speaker, author, and leadership adventure facilitator, He  focuses on leading individuals, teams, and organizations to seek and achieve their highest value-driven capacities.


Most recently, He served as the Vice President of People, Culture and Philanthropy for Epic, a startup health and wellness company. He built Epic’s internal and field culture and developing leadership strategies. Prior to this role, he was the director for The Center for the Advancement of Leadership at Utah Valley University, for which I built a leadership institute that is nationally recognized for its unique vision of developing student leaders. Before this academic career, I served as a senior consultant for InsideOut Development, a corporate training company focusing on building high-performance coaches in start-ups and Fortune 500s.

In addition, He is the founder of The Institute of Applied Human Excellence, a training firm dedicated to helping individuals achieve peak performance. To support this goal, I wrote Finding Your Flow: How to Identify Your Flow Assets and Liabilities—the Keys to Peak Performance Every Day to increase awareness, clarify driving principles, and engage in strategic and focused change.

Dr. Bruce is the Chairman at the Institute of Applied Human Excellence of Ghana. He serves this organization through providing useful and insightful leadership programs which have been participated by over 2000 students across Africa and still counting. His experiences in Leadership and Consultancy, have helped the I.A.H.E Ghana to achieve impacting several African youth and continue to serve this vision of the I.A.H.E Ghana to assist students master themselves and develop their leadership skills.

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