Be A Volunteer

Apply your skills through Volunteerism.


Who can apply the program?

A registered student in any tertiary Institution, passionate about volunteerism and looking for an experience to teach, inspire and work in local communities.

What is the benefits?

As you pursue your studies, are you chosen field, this volunteering experience offers you with an opportunity to serve and learn from communities through our volunteering programs, it offers you the chance to serve and apply your skills towards a sustainable development projects. Certificate of Volunteerism are awarded to volunteers at the end of the program. Opportunities to also work with students from different institutions and diverse background to improve your skills?

Volunteer Programs

Literacy Programs

I.C.T Training

Women Empowerment

Health Assistance

Conference Volunteering

Fundraising and Donations

Other Opportunities

Literacy Programs are organized with volunteers to support and assist children read, write and learn. We basically focus on assisting children with literacy programs through reading with kids, providing learning materials and reading books to assist in the development of children. Kids literacy program also enhances their personal growth and development.

Volunteers train children on Information, Communication and Technology. This includes skills in Computer education such as basic applications, coding and using computers to learn and access quality information on the internet. It provides training for those, who without this program, may not have access to I.C.T Programs

The I.A.H.E Ghana partners with the West Africa Volunteer Project of Humanity (WAVPH Volunteers) to execute women empowerment projects in local communities. This program provides training for young women to be empowered economically, to participate in economic activities in their local and neighboring areas to benefit from it.

Health Students are recruited to serve in local communities to support fight against Child Malaria, and support provide quality health care to children and women in deprived areas. This opportunity is limited to persons with health care delivery background.

The youth are given opportunities to volunteer at the Annual – Young African Leaders and Entrepreneurs Summit, which brings over 500 young leaders across Africa and in the diaspora for impactful exchange with experts. This is an annual volunteering opportunity.

Volunteers engages in fundraising activities to support particular projects, they write grants, organize fund raising events and learn with grant experts towards a particular project and make donations.

There are many other volunteering opportunities, not listed currently, please send an email to to learn more.


How To Apply?

Step 1: Check the eligibility requirement of the program

The first step to apply, is to check the eligibility requirement, different programs have different requirements, some of the volunteering programs require a specific group of students in a specific chosen field and there are other programs that is general and everyone can apply, send an email if you need guidance on this.

Step 2: Send in your details to register

To be considered for a program, you will need to submit your personal details such as name, age, sex, and your institution and field of studies, also you will select which period you are available. We require you to pay a volunteering fee of GHC100. The application and placement is free. This payment is for souvenirs and transportation only.

Step 3: Book a date for interview

  When your application is received. We will send you an available dates to book an interview, interviews are conducted to get to know you, your passion and assist us offer the right volunteering experience for you.

Step 4: You will receive a notification of selection

One week after the interview, you will receive an email confirmation of your selection and placement, you are advised to make your payment to reserve your place and attend an hour training before the volunteering program.

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